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What Items Cannot Go in a Dumpster?

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Not all wastes can be kept in one container alone. There are some that must be thrown away separately to avoid unwanted chemical reactions and accidents. It’s not enough that you know how to fill a whole dumpster with all your garbage and junk. It is also necessary that you know which items should not be included inside your dumpster. For that, a list of the 10 common items must be separated and not loaded inside a dumpster.

10 Items that Shouldn’t Be in a Dumpster

The items listed below are those that have unhealthy components for the environment and humans that must be disposed of in an alternative manner.


This includes broken TVs, DVD players, monitors, laptops, and even smaller items like flashlights, clocks, and MP3 players. They contain chemicals that are hazardous when leaked or spread in a landfill.


Harmful chemicals may also be present in the batteries and other inner workings, and therefore, should not be loaded into the dumpster. The most common appliances people throw away are microwave ovens, refrigerators, and freezers.


Money is always something to consider. There are different sizes of dumpsters to rent but they also come at different prices. If you really want to save some money for your waste removal project, being sure of the size is necessary.

Paints and Solvents

Avoid throwing away oil-based products, lead-based paint, paint thinners, and other similar products into the dumpster. They might spill when disposed of and contaminate groundwater nearby as well as septic tanks. Sanitation workers are also at risk of this kind of product mixed up in


Handling wastes like pesticides should be done seriously and with proper caution as they can cause harm to plants, wildlife, and humans around. All types of pesticides, including chemicals, granules, liquid, or spray, must not be thrown into the dumpster.

Oil and Gas

These products are flammable, corrosive, and toxic, and therefore, putting them into the dumpster is highly prohibited. Motor oil, lubricants, petroleum, and gasoline are some of the examples of these products.

Light Bulbs

Fluorescent and compact fluorescent lightbulbs must not be thrown in the dumpster because they contain a small amount of mercury. Such chemicals can also contaminate the soil and the water underground, so they require an alternative method of disposal.


Avoid placing old tires into the roll-off container because they require a special handling method. Some people recycle tires for something more useful, but it is often separated from normal recyclables as well.

Yard Waste

Dry or fallen leaves, grasses, and branches of trees are some of the usual yard wastes that most properties have. Placing yard waste in the dumpster is not prohibited, but hey should be disposed of separately because they can be put into better use as compost and not occupy valuable space in the dumpster.


Each town has its own regulation on the allowed recyclable materials to keep. Make sure to check in your local municipality regarding the recycling policies they impose so you can remove those that you can reuse from your junk or waste. This way, you are also able to free more space in the dumpster.

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Why Partner with Dumpster Rental College Station TX

Proper care and caution should not only be practiced when handling newly-purchased appliances or furniture but must also be done for your garbage. Disposing carelessly could harm yourself and your neighbors. Wastes can turn into destructive elements if not handled the right way. Collection and disposal are crucial in making sure that your environment remains safe from harmful chemicals and items.

Hiring professionals in dumpster rental becomes the perfect choice when you’re in doubt about what to keep inside your dumpster and what to dispose of separately. Experts at Dumpster Rental College Station are highly trained to perform waste removal and are fully aware of the items to put

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