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Questions to Ask When Comparing Dumpster Rental Companies

Dumpster Rental College Station, TX - Comparing Dumpster Rental Companies
Comparing Dumpster Rental Companies - Dumpster Rental Deck Contractors

No matter where you live, having a reliable dumpster rental contractor to call when you need help gathering and disposing of trash and junk is a requirement. Without this service, your home would be a big mess, and your family’s health could be in danger. Not only that, leaving your garbage strung about on your property can cause you to violate some of the rules and regulations of your town.

Therefore, proper waste management is very crucial and should be known to everyone who owns a house or rents an apartment. Doing it yourself may be stressful and tiresome. Yet, if you plan to hire professionals to assist you, make sure you’re aware of all important factors to consider in choosing the right contractor.

Common Questions Customers Ask Before Renting a Dumpster

Common Questions Customers Ask - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

Here’s a list of the usual questions homeowners and business owners have in mind when it comes to waste management and hiring experts in dumpster rentals.

1. Does the rental fee include the landfill tipping fee?

Does the rental fee include the landfill tipping fee - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

This fee could be one of the hidden charges that some dumpster rental services may add to your bill. Landfill tipping fees may be as much as $50 depending on the dumpsite and the weight of your trash. Most of the time, the charge per ton is $50. Some dumpster rentals already include it in their fees, while some charge it separately.

2. How long is the rental period?

How long is the rental period - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

Most dumpster rental companies allow their roll-off containers to stay in one household for a maximum of one week. However, if you forget to schedule the return and collection of the dumpster, companies let you extend for another day but with an additional fee of $10 to $20 per day. Dumpster rental companies are fine with adjusting the rental period but discussing this with them ahead of time is better so you will be sure of how much to pay them.

3. Is there a discount for a shorter rental period?

Discount for a Shorter Rental Period - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

Because most dumpster rental contractors allow customers to keep the dumpster for a week, fees are typically applied to that duration of time. Making an early return of the dumpster for a day or two will not result in any changes to the final fee to be paid. In cases when you are sure you won’t be needing a roll-off container for that long, it is more beneficial to look for a company that allows rentals for that exact period so you will not have to pay for unneeded days.

4. What materials can I load into the dumpster?

What materials can I load into the dumpster - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

Every company and every town has its own rules in terms of the items that can be loaded into the dumpster. Garbage that is not acceptable for any dumpster rental company includes paint, motor oil, car batteries, household hazard wastes, and other dangerous chemicals. Informing your contractor about this in advance will give you an accurate quote for the rental of their trash bin.

5. Is there a discount for clean loading?

Is there a discount for clean loading - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

Clean loading means loading a rented dumpster with only a specific recyclable material. In such cases, some companies may give discounts based on the lower fees charged by recycling centers than landfills. For example, if you would load a dumpster with only empty boxes, the fee will be lower than if you would fill a similar sized container with electronics.

6. What is the weight limit?

What is the weight limit - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

When dealing with especially heavy materials and waste, it can be helpful in estimating the size of dumpster needed and the amount to load in one dumpster. Most companies have a weight limit and their fee per ton is typically anywhere between $75 and $100. It is important to note also that weight is different from the available space inside your dumpster. For instance, the space occupied by three tons of concrete may take up less than the volume of three tons of household waste, but that does not mean you can have more inside your dumpster.

7. Do I need a permit, and will you get one on my behalf?

Do I need a permit - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

The general rule in having a permit for any operations such as a dumpster rental is that if it must be placed somewhere within a public right of way, such as the street or sidewalk, there will be a need for a permit. However, if it will just be within your property, then it is fine to go on with the operation without a permit. In some cities, though, there may be a different ruling in this kind of matter, so it’s still important to ask about it. Likewise, you may also ask your contractor if they will be the one to get a permit on your behalf if need be.

8. Are you licensed and insured?

Are you licensed and insured - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

These are two important proofs of a contractor’s credibility in performing tasks like dumpster rental. Your safety and security from accidents and violations will be in good hands with the right professionals. Be sure to run a background check on your contractor to avoid any issues before you get a deal closed or before you get started.

Professional Dumpster Rental That Provides Effective Garbage Solution

Professional Dumpster Rental - Dumpster Rental College Station, TX

Get the dumpster rental service your home and business needs with the help of Dumpster Rental College Station TX. We are here to make your problem with waste and garbage go away with our skills in proper waste management. We have a variety of dumpster sizes that are suitable for any cleanup project.

Our associates will help you figure out which dumpster size you’ll need and happily provide answers to all the questions you may have regarding our services. We are glad to serve every family in the College Station, TX, area because our goal is to keep our hometown clean and green. Get in touch with us today to talk about your free estimate at 979-705-7188.

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