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College Station, TX is a place not to miss. In fact, it is one destination you must consider for a family bonding and adventure. Its origin dates back to 1860, when the Houston and Texas Central Railway was created in the area. College Station was selected to be the location for the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas eleven years after.

In the 2010 census, College Station had a total population of over 93,000 and by 2019 had grown to 117,911. The main campus of Texas A&M University, the premier institution of the Texas A&M University System, is located in College Station. The university’s location along a railroad is responsible for both the city’s name and its existence.

One of the biggest milestone the city had was when the George Bush Presidential Library opened in 1997. However, the collapse of Aggie Bonfire in the midst of its construction in 1999 brought a great tragedy to the city, resulting in the death of 12 and the injury of 27 people.


What College Station Has to Offer

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

The library and museum is found on the Texas A&M campus. Its construction drew national attention to both the university and the College Station area. The museum contains artifacts including the Presidential Limousine and other memorabilia that were part of the 41st US President’s life and work.

George Bush Library and Museum College Station Dumpster Rental
research park college station dumpster rental tx

Research Park

Strolling around Research Park is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while reflecting on the history housed in the library and museum. Students love to picnic in this perfect spot, enjoying the scenery in the late afternoon.

Sanders Corps of Cadets Center

Dedicated to create awareness among people of the university’s Corps of Cadets, Sanders Corps of Cadets Center lies inside the campus of the Texas A&M University. It was opened in 1992, presenting over 60 exhibits of memorabilia about the Corps of Cadets.

Sanders Corps of Cadets Center - Dumpster Rental College Staton TX

Advantages of Renting A Dumpster

In performing a major cleanup, a renovation, or a construction project, it is best to have a dumpster waiting outside for your debris and trash. Imagine leaving piles of junk and garbage outside your property. Such mess will make your home or workplace look like a dump site in an instant. 

Avoid stress or any delay in your waste management project by hiring professional dumpster services within College Station area. Other benefits that business owners and homeowners may enjoy includes:

Let’s Start Working Together!

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We offer better terms than our competitors, letting you customize the cost and the schedule of the project according to your needs. College Station Dumpster Rental experts know where and how to make your dumpster fit in your available space to not cause damage to your property. We do our job with proper care and attention to ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our best services!